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Monday, 29 May 2023

Week Commencing 29 May incl. Junior Gang

 Junior Gang

If you cannot come on Saturday please remember to let us know in advance.  Red neckers will be handed out.  You will receive an email by Tuesday with the music for your special number.  Please use it to practice with at home.

Videos of some of the moves will be available on line after next weekend.  Again, please use these to practice with.  Full details of how to access these videos will be sent out next week.

Main Gang

Don't forget the Costume Call on Saturday 3 June.  You should know the time schedule.  Don't forget to bring the items you are supplying including your uniform.

10am  Guides & Senior Guides

1pm Female Scouts / Explorers & all female Leaders

4pm Males Scouts / Explorers & Leaders

Tuesday 30 May

Please note the changed times

7.20 - 8.10pm   Robin Hood     &    Wisest Fool

8.10 - 9pm    Castles in the Air    &     Lidl / Aldi

Sunday 4 June

1.30 - 3.30pm  I Don't Dance (Singing)

3.30 - 5.30pm  I Don't Dance (Setting)

5.30pm - 6pm  PHOTOCALL  For all main Gang members  (in full uniform !)

Monday, 22 May 2023

Week Commencing 22 May incl. Junior Gang

 Junior Gang

Your first rehearsal starts at 4pm on Saturday in Queen Street Scout Hall.  You'll get a copy of your script.  Don't forget to bring your subscription.  We will also need to confirm sizes for your special Gang Show T-shirt.

Main Gang

Tuesday 23 May    (Guide Hut)

7 - 8pm    Lidl/ Aldi Song   +   Wisest Fool

8 - 9pm   Pantomania (Speaking parts ONLY)    +    Party Time

If you have a clash with any of the above numbers you will spend half the time with each.

Sunday 28 May

1.30 - 3.30pm    London Calling  +   1.30 - 2.30pm   Local Heroes

3.30pm - 4pm   Wardrobe Matters

4pm - 5pm     London Calling (Final Setting)

5pm - 6pm     Revise Uprising        Please note this is extra to the rehearsals listed in your schedule as we are well ahead with London Calling

New rehearsal schedules which start from Saturday 3 June have been emailed out to everyone.  A yellow paper copy will be available on Sunday.

Monday, 15 May 2023

Week Commencing 15 May

 Details of the Costume Call on Saturday 3 June have been circulated to all Gang Members.  You should also have details of your costumes.  If you cannot manage to the Costume Call at your appointed time you MUST speak with Rosemary.

Rehearsals on Sunday 21 May are as follows

1 - 2pm Robin Hood (singing) for members cast in this item

2 - 4pm London Calling (Singing)

4 - 6pm London Calling (Setting)

Tickets will be on sale from Sunday 21st at our rehearsals.  Our Box Office will be open from 1.45 - 2pm. They can also be bought from the Macrobert Box Office from noon on Monday 22 May.

Monday, 8 May 2023

Week Commencing 8 May

 The rehearsal for Sunday 14 May is as follows :

2 - 6pm   It's Nonsense  (Final Setting)

Remember, as it's a Final Setting, you need to be there to be in this number.

Music for It's Nonsense will be sent to you by email this week for practicing with along with some other info and requests for help.

Monday, 1 May 2023

Sunday 7 May, etc

 By The Sea was an excellent rehearsal last Sunday.  Well done everyone.  This week's rehearsals are in Viewfield Church Hall and as printed in the schedule :

11am - 12 noon   Lidl / Aldi singing only for those cast in this item

12 - 1pm   Party Time  Singing only for those cast in this item

Lunch from 1 - 2pm for those staying to rehearse in the afternoon

1.45 for a 2pm- 4pm   All cast in It's Nonsense (singing)

4 - 6pm   It's Nonsense (setting)

Please note the change on Sunday 4th June to allow those who are camping to make it for the PHOTOCALL

1.30pm - 3.30pm   I Don't Dance  (singing)

3.30 - 5.30pm   I Don't Dance  (setting)

5.30 - 6pm  PHOTOCALL  (everyone in uniform)

Monday, 17 April 2023

Sunday 23rd AND Sunday 30th April

Please remember if you have still to pay the second part of this year's subscription (£15) it is due by Sunday 30 April.

Our first full rehearsal took place yesterday.  It was very successful and this was due to how well everyone performed.  Keep up the good work.

Music for "By The Sea" has been emailed out to everyone in MPEG4 format.  Please let Scott know if it didn't arrive.

 Sunday 23rd April back in Viewfield Church Hall

2 - 4pm   Final Setting of Uprising

4 - 6pm  Setting of By The Sea

Sunday 30 April

2 - 6pm   Final Setting of By The Sea

We hope to have neckers for all new Gang members this Sunday along with badges and woggles for everyone.  If you're not rehearsing this week you might like to look in to collect them

Saturday, 8 April 2023

Sunday 16 April

 The rehearsals on Sunday are as per schedule in the Guide Hut :

11am - 4pm  Uprising (setting)   Don't forget to bring a packed lunch !

4pm - 6pm By the Sea (singing)

If you have not yet handed in your Membership and Wardrobe forms or paid the first part of the membership fee you must do so on Sunday to remain in the Gang.  These are extremely important as the forms give us necessary information without which we can't give members adequate care and attention.

Emails were sent out this week to advise you of a time change for the Photocall on Sunday 4 June.  Have you entered these changes on your Rehearsal Schedule?

Music for Uprising is being sent out this morning (Tuesday).  Please contact Scott if you don't receive it.